December 17, 2006

Faster and Faster

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Emma’s vocabulary is growing so quickly now! I’m constantly amazed and proud of how many words she can say/communicate to us.

Words she can say: Mama, Dada, Papa, hi, bye-bye, uh-oh, dog, baba (bottle), bird, baby (bird and baby were learned in the past 2 days!) thank you (sounds like “tah-ooo”), I love you (sounds like “ahboo”) 

Words or meanings she can communicate: dog (she barks), fish (she opens and closes her mouth mimicking a fish. This can mean the animal fish or Gold*fish crackers), thirsty (smacks her lips together), “cheers!” (she holds out her cup to you), “drink my drink, please” (she holds out her cup and smacks her lips together as if drinking), hungry (obviously, every babe has a way to communicate this!), sleepy (she sometimes will say “nigh” for night-night, but usually lays her head on a pillow or on your lap), “turn the music on!” (she points to the radio and dances). I know there are a million other things she communicates to us on a daily basis, but that’s all I can think of now. I’ll just keep adding them as I remember them or as they come about.

I can’t believe that in 4 short weeks we’ll discover who this child is that I’m carrying. We’ve narrowed down the names to Elijah Gabriel and Savannah Emily or Savannah Kaleigh (or Kaylee, depending on if Jared gets his way with spelling). I’m sure we’ll change our minds again before this little one enters the outside world, which is strange because with Emma we knew immediately what her name would be; Emma Grace was our favorite name and we chose it before we conceived her. It’s such a strange feeling to stand back and realize that we don’t know anything about this child other than how much we love him or her.

****Back after a little break****

Today has been a trying day for the entire family. I’ve been out of sorts since waking up with a head/neck/backache and a major knot in my shoulder. I’m also seriously overwhelmed tonight at the thought of going through another pregnancy, labor and delivery and the first few months with a newborn. My c-section with Emma was terrible and we’ll try like mad to avoid another one. We’ll be using hypnobirthing again (it worked wonders for pain last time – no meds needed for the 8 hours I labored!) and Nina will let me go until 42 weeks before we even discuss induction. I dread the evil pitocin!!!

That’s enough negative thoughts for tonight. I’m going to see if Jared has gotten Em to sleep yet so we can pop some popcorn and watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I think this is only the 3rd movie we’ve seen since before Emma was born. Holy crow, we need some couple time.


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