December 15, 2006

Ugly Xmas Sweater Fun

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:45 am by emmasmom

Today, it started.

Erin and I went shopping for materials to construct our Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the party on Sunday. I’m using an old red sweater of Jared’s as my base and so many awesome bits and pieces of xmas doodads and thingamajigs that I’m sure to win the coveted trophy for “Most Ugly Christmas Sweater of 2006”. Around the cuffs are hand sewed white faux fur taken from old stockings, around the bottom is gold garland, and in the center is an xmas tree made with real pine! Okay, it’s the fake stuff you use to wrap around the pole of a fake tree to fill in the gaps, but it looks real is so super 3-D that I can barely stand it! I’ve sewn a gold star (also taken from a stocking) and plan on salvaging as many odds and ends from Mom’s house tomorrow as possible.

Phew! This little mama is ready to zonk out. Tomorrow will be filled with a midwife appointment, a trip to the mall for Emma to see the official Santa for the first time, xmas card making and more Ugly Sweater decorating. I can’t wait to hear Bean’s heartbeat again and set up our appointment for the big sonogram!!!


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