December 12, 2006

New Journal

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I’ve had this journal sitting here unused/unwritten in since March of 2006 and figured that since I’ve deleted the other journals I needed a new place to write.

 Life has gotten oh so busy that I haven’t had the time to stop and write anything down. I’m in my 14th week of pregnancy and anxiously awaiting our big sonogram in January to discover the gender of Little Bean. I think we’ve come up with some names that we both agree on (which was easier than I thought!!).

Top contender for a son: Elijah Gabriel (ooooh, how I love the name Elijah!).

Top contender for another daughter: Savannah (fill in a middle name). I love the names Maggie (after my Mom, Mary Margaret) and Avery (I taught a little girl with this name back in Fredonia). I’m not sure Jared is thrilled with Maggie but it’s a sentimental name and adorable. Not too sure how well it goes with Savannaht though. Other possible middle names for Savannah include: Hannah, Anna, Banana, and Montana. (Yes, good god, I’m joking. Sort of).

We just returned from a weekend trip to Long Island where we visited Emma’s Noni, Poppi, Aunts Erica and Katelin and cousin Arynn as well as a slew of relatives and friends. We had a fantastic time but it was too short of a visit and the drive was horrendous. I threw up the entire way there (12 hours on the road thanks to many stops and NYC rush hour traffic on a Friday – nice planning by us, huh?) but was better on the way home thanks to much sleep and a sausage biscuit sandwhich from McShouldn’tEatThereButHadToOnTheRoad. When Aunt Claudia sends us pictures I’ll post a bunch from our trip.

Emmie is sleeping so I better jump in the shower and attempt to get dressed today. I wore pj’s to Kindermusik this morning and am really using the whole “I’m pregnant with a toddler” excuse way too much lately to defend my lack of actual outfits. Speaking of outfits, I have to get a shopping trip together with Erin to scout out the tackiest Christmas sweaters in WNY for our first annual Ugly Chrismas Sweater party. Which coincides with our always annual Women of the Russ Family Make Christmas Cookies Party. My mother, her sisters (known as the collective group “The Aunts”), my sisters and cousin Erin and I get together every year and make a bunch of different cookies while listening to holiday music and usually dancing funky steps while the babies run around hopped up on confectioners sugar icing. We make dozens and dozens of my Gram’s sour cream anise cookies and every year I shed a tear over the original recipe that she wrote down, because my name is doodled at the top. My mother took that as a sign that Gram wanted me to have the paper, and it is locked away safely in our fire proof safe as one of my most cherished possessions, only coming out for the cookie party.

Okay, now that the rambling is finished I can hear Miss E rolling around in her crib and I guess the shower has to be a fast one. More to update on later!


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